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$1750 Goal Unwrapped


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So this one has three parts to it

Prize A - A banner will be created with the OC's (or a visual representation of) all donors. Instructions will come in a separate thread*. 

Prize B - A lucky donor will be drawn and have their OC featured on a banner with their favorite character from MLP

Prize C - Solo Song (Admins Choice) the Admins select one of the better singers on staff to sing a song we select. Not going to spoil who it is yet. 





*This is not the annual community group banner that has been done in the past, That is a separate event entirely. 

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*Looks at B*

Boi, that would be the most legitimate and absolutely evil way to sneak that little lovely character into the banner.


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16 minutes ago, Bas said:

Considering I don't have a OC, is it possible to draw a pony out of a RL photo shot, lol?

No. I can’t draw. I can use the character in your avatar since that is probably a good representation that you are recognized by 

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4 minutes ago, Bas said:

Or just put my RL face on a pony head.

Nah. Let's stick with what we have done in the past without any complications. You are free to opt out if you don't find them possible or favorable. Anyway, have to move on to other MCM projects. This stretch awards needs will be posted in a separate thread when the time comes. 

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