Spoiler Should i be adding what the character feels in a situation?

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I've been thinking about this question for a while now and I was wondering. Should I be adding what the character feels in a situation rather good or bad?

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It depends on what the situation is and how it affects the character in relation to the story. For instance, if a character is nervous about meeting new people and he’s going to a party, then add how they are feeling on the way to the party and shen they are there. Now, we don’t need to know a character’s feelings all the time. Otherwise is bots down the story.  I hope that helps.

its important to balance showing what the character is feeling and how they show it. People don’t always say what they’re thinking. So, they may seem nervous or scared but internally they are saying why.

I’m writing my own story at the moment and think about these things too. Good luck!

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