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critique wanted Voltex Pixel - We are the One (Feat. Princess Twilight Sparkle)

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Featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle at the song - We are the One!

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Ok, you have a critique wanted as a tag so here goes...

Unfortunately, your progression staled out very early, which means people will quickly lose interest to your song. You have a vi-IV-I-V of Vsus4 progression knowing you are in the key of C Major. You need to develop this progression and involve interchangeable chords, maybe a modulation to another key or a bridge. Here are some suggestions 



I-IV-V7 of V-V


You can even end on a V and go to the V of V of G, which is A and resolve to D major, which is a whole step up from C Major. 

In terms of your sounds, an arpeggiating plucked lead would work, especially the second time around the repeats. Lower that sawtooth’s brightness down just a little. 

In terms of the way your song is composed, you need to develop and expand your ideas. You do not have enough to work with and you need to explore other ways on how to shape your ideas and progressions. 

In terms of Twilight Sparkle’s lines, they are very difficult to understand. You scrambled the lines too much to try to get them to your song, which unfortunately made the lines unclear. 

All in all, this piece unfortunately needs a ton of work and a possible redo. You really need to work on stepping outside of the box and learning how to shape your progressions so that way you can keep your audience engaged. You need to sit down and learn some music theory so that way your music can get better. I can coach you on music theory so that way you can create solid music that will keep your audience engaged and not be continuously repetitive. Don’t be discouraged by what I said in my critique, for no one is perfect but we can strive to be the best we can. 

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