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Time for a new Challenge! (The Ponifying Challenge!)


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So, it's the beginning of the month. A lot of artists I'm seeing are starting something they call 'Ink-tober'. It's not something I'm interested in doing, because I want to do my own self-imposed challenges, to try something new and see if I can pull it off.

Anyway, this newest challenge is one I'm going to call 'The Ponifying Challenge'

Why this title you ask? Why that's simple!
Have you ever wondered what a character from your favorite show (not including MLP) would look like as a pony? Do you imagine what their race might be in the world of the MLP universe if they aren't a pony? Because let's face it, the show is filled with many diverse and intelligent species and the pony races make up only a few of them. What I want to do for this challenge is to help you make your imagination take on a form in picture!
A few things to note:
- Very Important: Only one entry per person.
- Please include any pictures you can find of your character, along with information about who they are, what their personality is, etc, because changes are it could be a character from a series I've never heard of.
- Character can be from a TV show, comic, movie, or video game either live action or animated. Anime and manga characters are also acceptable, but no characters that fall on the risque side please. Keep it family friendly!
- If there is a specific race you want me to change the character into, be sure to let me know what you would like it to be! Otherwise, I'll turn them into what I feel fits them the best.
- Post an entry on this thread or PM me. I'll also be posting it to my twitter, deviantart, and tumblr art blog. You can find links to those in most of my recent pictures and on my 'About me' section of my user page and down below as well.
- All final drawings will be full body, flat color, so no shading this time.
I'll be keeping this free offer open until Tuesday October 8, 2019. You have until then to send me an entry. After that day this offer will close and I won't accent any new entries.
Here's an example I did for a commission back in June where I ponified 2 characters from Rainbow Six: Seige.


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2 minutes ago, MidnightFire1222 said:

Would you rather I did the hidden one @Rikifive? Lol.

The first one is a twisted nightmare creature I made earlier for science, basing on random I got back then. It's the best OC ever created. I posted it for lols because that thread reminded me of that abomination. :love: 

The one in spoiler is the actual random I got now ~ no changes were made, so yeah, this is the one you're supposed to take. ...Though it looks sooooooooo bad, that I'm not even sure which one is worse anymore. y7I8lHo.png

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