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A Tale of Two Kingdoms - Some advice needed

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Hello everybody!

So a while back, I was thinking about what I was going to do with my two alicorn-OCs and after a time of thinking I came up with the idea of creating an entirely new kingdom for them and all of my other OCs, not too far away from Equestria (and our lovely cast of ponies) and similar in some ways but different in others. The idea for this kingdom went as follows:

I pictured a kingdom that had once been peaceful like Equestria but fell into disarray after the alicorn that once ruled them passed away. The two new alicorns destined to rule the kingdom didn't get along and their fighting resulted in the kingdom being split down the middle by a large mountain-range, one side a beautiful grove of aging trees while the other was a craggy extension of the mountain. At the very north, there is a place that is always covered in snow and ice. Because of the unrest created by the change in leadership, dark powers have begun to sink its claws into both the citizens and environment alike and horrifying monsters emerges from the shadows.

So something similar to Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth. 

My first question, embarrassingly enough, is what I should name it.

I was thinking Coltshire at first but it doesn't sound enchanting enough. So some help in this regard would be really appreciated. 

The second is what you guys think about this concept.

I have always wanted to tackle some slightly darker themes (like what happens to the ponies who die) but didn't want it to feel too out of place in the MLP-universe. We have seen from examples like the Crystal Empire that the ruler dictates the state of their kingdom in more ways than just the obvious, so a peaceful kingdom with a good ruler (like Equestria) would result in peaceful and kind citizens for the most part. But when a kingdom is in chaos and unrest, that negative energy spreads to the citizens and surroundings as well. 

I have a huge chunk of my cast, both heroes and villains alike, planned out with backstory and everything and all I really need to do is finish up their portraits.

Is it too dark for MLP? If so, what kind of changes would you recommend? I would be grateful for any kind of advice, I am still kind of new to writing within the MLP-universe.

Have a nice day and stay creative!

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