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So...how do ponies get together these days?

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Hey everypony! I just wanted to ask everyone where they usually go to find out about local brony hangouts these days. I initially tried to find this out a while ago on this site but I delved into a little too much detail for the admins and got warned because of it so let me try again.

You see, I've been a brony on and off for 8 years now so I've seen it all. I've been there through all the ups and the downs. However, everything used to be good in pony land cause I had my friends to enjoy the show with me. At the time, I lived in a moderately-sized community. It wasn't the middle of nowhere but it wasn't a huge bustling city either. However, even there we had a decently-sized brony community that I spent time with on a regular basis. Eventually though, the group started to fall apart. I guess it kinda started when one of our members started behaving kinda inappropriately in public, and further escalated with drama and infighting between other members. Lines were being drawn in the sand and I didn't really notice it until it was too late. Soon, everyone ended up going their separate ways. Some of them are still in the fandom while others are not, and almost all of them have moved away from the community in search of their own needs and desires.

Having no real friends in the fandom after this was a real bummer, and though I've tried multiple different online venues for meeting up and making new friends, everything I've found hasn't turned up the best results. Every page for meetups that I've seen in my general area are completely dead and have been dead for a LOOOONNNGGGG time...like at least the past 5 years with zero posts. There is only one group that I found that still seems to have active events, with a few even scheduled this month, but even they seem to be hanging on by a thread of just a small handful of active members.

Is the traditional "brony meetup" idea a relic of a bygone era or is it sequestered away...hiding just out of visible reach?

If the former is true, then where would somepony like me be able to go to actually be social with ponies from around the world? Even if there were Discord servers worth joining and I only ever got to see these people once a year at a convention, I think that would be good enough for me. I mean, I'm not a super social butterfly but I think for the sake of my sanity I'd try to make it work.

Thank you, everypony for taking the time to read my post and have a great day!

- CT

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I've meant to get into one of those as soon as I'd leave that piece of shit of life I had up to 2 years ago. Sadly, I've also noticed the lack of horse-lovers meetups when that happened, contrast at my horse-lovers beginnings where EQD posted meetups every other week :dash:.

Only meet-up I had was the premier night of the pony movie at Disney Springs, but there were only 3 parties: a group of 5, a family of 3, and ..... me. Each one of us went to our separate ways as soon as we left the theater  :sunny:. It wasn't a letdown because they were douches or anything, I just had other expectations 

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