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How did you find MLP Forums?

By typing in google 'My Little Pony Sites'

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I been on this site before but I haven't been back for so long I feel like I'm new here again XD Anyway since I'm starting over here goes nothing, Hello everyone my name is Jacko and I became a fan of MLP when I made a friend who loves, and I mean LOVE the show, show it to me. Then I was a fan ever since!

So baskily I haven't been on this site like FOREVER!!! I think of starting this new year by staying on this site more often! :D

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10 hours ago, Bas said:

WElcome to the herd, very young artist!

Well know it is certainly just apple juice.

Well, yeah. The fact that they can make it in seconds with the super squeezy (or the manual press the Apple family use) shows it is the american (pressed apple) version of cider, not the european alcoholic version that americans call "hard cider".

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