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Crossover PWF: Atittude is Magic (Ponyville Wrestling Federation)

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Me and My brother started writing this story. It took us a lot of time and brain storming. It's a crossover of WWF: Atittude and My Little Pony. We are still working on this story. Enjoy!WWF.thumb.png.2d103b730bda69b5b6ba4f76d4a18ce0.png

(Chapter 1)

It was a bright sunny peaceful day in ponyville. All the ponies were taking a relaxing day off after a hard working week of their businesses, accept for one pony named "Filthy Rich". Who is a well known business pony that loves doing business and making money. Instead of taking a relaxing day off. He had an idea to talk to the mayor of Ponyville about named, "Mayor Mare".

"A wrestling tournament?" replied Mayor Mare to Filthy Rich's business idea. As the two ponies have a conversation at the Town Hall. "Yes, a wrestling tournament. This would draw in a crowd for exciting entertainment. Plus the contestants would have a chance to fight for a grand prize of 1 Million Bits.", said Filthy Rich. Mayor Mare was suprised. "So what do you think?", he asked. Mayor Mare was always known to takw care of her town and keeping every pony happy. But having every pony entertained is what Mayor Mare loves to do.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. We shallbreak the news to every pony.", she said excitingly. "Thank you Mayor. I'll get things together." said Filthy Rich as he shook hooves with the Mayor and left the Town Hall. Happy that his business with Mayor Mare was a success.

"That is a great idea that you have their, Filthy Rich." said an unknown voice to Filthy Rich. "What.......Who goes there?", as he looks around to see who was speaking to him. He then looks up and notices a creature that was a half dragon and half goat like. This creature had mis match body parts and color too. "I've been watching you, Filthy Rich.", said the mismatch creature as it disappeared from the second story and reappeared in front of him. "The name is Discord. Master of Chaos. I like to be a helping hand in your tournament.", Discord offered. Discord has always been known to cause trouble and chaos. But ever since he was reformed. He hasn't cause much trouble since then. "What kind of helping hand idea do you have?", Filthy Rich asked. Rubbing his chin with a carious look in his face.

"Why, I can help by doing television production. I'll be capturing all the action that goes inside the ring and outside the ring.", explained Discord. As he appeared a movie camera on a tripod stand. Looking around in it while moving it around.

Filthy Rich took the moment to think about it. "Hmmm.........Television production you say.", thinking about how more entertaining could be brought to viewers with outsidde action.

"Discord, you got yourself a deal." said Filthy Rich giving a hoove shake. Accepting discords offer. Discord was well pleased and couldn't wait to get to work.


(Chapter 2)

The next day, all the ponies in ponyville gathered around outside the Town Hall to hear the announcement.

"Greeting ladies and gentle colts. Your probably wondering, whats the exciting news. We are going to hold an exciting event..........A wrestling tournament." announced Mayor Mare, speaking at the podium. As all the poines looked at each other with smiles; whispering excitingly to the idea.

"This event will be hoated by yours truly business pony........Filthy Rich.", she announced. Stepping away from the podium, allowing Filthy Rich to take center stage to make his speach. "Greetings ponyville, as youall heared Mayor Mare that I will be hosting a wrestling tournament. This event will bring entertainment and a chance to win One Million Bits to the winner. Any pony may participate. Strong or weak. The matches will be one on one qualification matches. Only 8 competitors will be in the main tournament bracket." announced Filthy Rich.

"One Million Bits?" said Rainbow Dash. A skyblue colored pegasus with a rainbow color mane. "Do you hear that you guys? One.....Million.....Bits. Do you know how much Apple Cider I can get?" she said to her friends while day dreaming.

"Calm down, Rainbow Dash. If any pony thats gonna win that grand prize. It will be me.", said Apple Jack. Pulling Rainbow Dash back to the ground by her tail with her teeth.

Apple Jack is a country cowgirl orange earth pony. She has a blown braided mane and wearing a brown cowboy hat to go with it. "Oh yea! Then what would you do with the prize money, Apple Jack?", asked Rainbow Dash. "I would use it to expand Sweet Apple Acres. Not like some ponie's selfish needs." "What did you just say?"

"Girls, girls. Is the prize money that important to make a ruckus?" ask Twilight Sparkle. "YES!", they both replied. "Urrrgh....." said Twilight Sparkle putting her hoove to her head. in fustration. Twilight Sparkle is a Purple Alicorn pony. Also the Princess of Friendship.

"Twilight darling. It's normal for Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash to act in such a way. Thats what strikes up the fun in competition." said Rarity. Wrapping her right hoove around Twilight's back with a smile. Rarity was a White color unicorn with long Purple curl mane.

"Hmmm........I guess your right Rarity. Are you going to participate in the event too?"

"Oh of course not. I want to work in the outfit department. All my designs will be fabulous." said Rarity. Day dreaming. about a crowd of ponies admiring her designs as participants in the wrestling tournament walking to there ring wearing them. "Pinkie Pie and I thought about doing commentary.", said Spike. Following up after Rarity. Pinkie Pie was a Pink Earth pony with a Pink curly mane. Spike was a Small Purple & Green Dragon. Which he is Twilight's side kick.

"The sounds great Spike. You and I will be the best commentators.....EVER!", shouted Pinkie Pie. Having one hoove around his back and raising her other hoove in excitement. "That sounds great you two. Fluttershy, what about you?", asked Twilight. "Ummmm.....well, I thought about...." "Being an interviewer.", said Discord. Interupting in the middle of Fluttershy's sentence as he appeared out of nowhere.

"DISCORD!", shouted the group. "What are you doing here?", asked Rainbow Dash. "And more importantly, what are you up too?", asked Apple Jack as well. "Why I'm doing Television Production.", replied Discord. Appearing a movie camera on a tripod in front of them. "Are you sure your not trying to plan another sceem, are you?", asked Twilight. Lacking trust in Discord. "Oh please. I'll be able to capture all the action that goes on inside the ring and outside the ring. What in possible thing that can happen with a camera?"

Twilight Sparkle thought about it for a second and didn't think any harm can come from Discord filming all the action for the audience. "Ok Discord. But NO Funny Business.", demanded Twilight. Knowing Discord would cause some kind of mayhem. "I keep my word.", Discord response back.

TO BE CONTINUED................

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