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An idea for the 200th episode...

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Sounds like a rehash of Slice Of Life, and Jesus I wouldn't be able to handle another dumpster fire like that

4 hours ago, Paulo92921 said:

A good idea for this episode is that the school of friendship mysteriously disappear with the students inside, and never appear in the show again



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7 minutes ago, TheAnimationFana said:

Instead of going the meta fan service route, how about something more retrospective.


That’s what I’ve been suggesting. I wouldn’t mind some bit of fan service..... like MY bats :unamused:, but have something with more substance and focused. People don’t even pay attention to new background ponies anyway :dash:

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To be honest, I think that the perfect 200th episode would be for them to bring Faust back to write it, just as an appreciation for the show's original creator. 

As for the story, well maybe something like Crusaders of the Lost Mark, where a character achieves their lifelong dream. (i.e. Rainbow Dash becoming captain of the Wonderbolts). Just something that would generally please everyone, not like Slice of Life where it was obviously geared towards hardcore fans. 

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