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Greetings from the middle of winter! <3


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

Days back I was hanging at some finnish brony-forum. By the time I started losing my interest to that forum and later on to whole fandom (I've been always rather inactive in this fandom). About two years ago I started to watch MLP:FIM again and I thought: the show is still great and I'd really like to get contact again to people who share this same enthusiasm. However, just yesterday I just googled some pony-related communities and found this one. This forum feels more interesting, since it's kinda international. So, I thought "What I have to lose if I venture there?" :D. And so here I am.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Exactly 13th of December 2012, I saw the first pony-related thing (don't ask how I remeber the date, i don't know!). It was just meme-like video, pretty much equivalent to "youtube poop" and such. Video itself was silly but I got curious which is the original thing where from it's created. "My Little Pony - Frindship Is Magic. Cute ponies in the colourful world filled with magic. Just a show for youger grounds, huh", I thought. Even though this was my first view I felt starnge attachment for this concept. I started to watch more pony related videos, which were more "sane" and finally I saw two first episodes from the first season. "Oh my, this so AWESOME!", i was so excited. Still, however, I thought: "This is silly, I'm watching show for little girls but I like it. What would my friends and parents say if they know." Surfing the net I found this term "brony". Teen and adult men who are fans of this this series. This seems quite big phenomenon. Wow, I'm not alone! 

More I watched the series, more I came to like it. I drew art about the characters and watched and shared other peoples art. Spring 2013 was first time I heared a dubstep track and I've loved electronic music ever since, espicially related to this fandom. And that song was brony-made <3. One day I told to my closest friends about this, "bronism". They heard about it for the first time and of course they were a bit confused yet interested about it. All of my friends have always been respectful for my enthusiasm and have watched even the show for some espisodes. Eventually one of my friends became brony and also he led one of his friends to this great community. At summer 2013 I heard about yearly anime-conference in my home town, the largest in Finland, that is going to be at autumn. The conference itself is surely worth to experience, I thought, but most inportantly there was signed in the program that there is going to be brony-meeting! "OH MY GOODNESS! I have to go there!"

I managed some of my friends to join and we went to that conf. What is more most bronies were Finns. That was a great meeting with great people. Even though I'm somewhat socially confined it felt awesome to be with people with same, "weird", interests. I'm brony, yeah! And I'm proud of it, i thought! The colourful ponies chaged my life, somehow, at least a bit. It changed some people around me, I can see it. And it all started from some stupid meme xD. This is the first fandom I've ever been at, hopefully it is the very last one I'd ever leave <3

I'm Finn 21 y/o dude, who likes many nerdy things, such as reading, writing, drawing and playing video games. I've always enjoyed wandering in nature and have been interested about space from very colt. 

From the mane six I've always loved Fluttershy, a character which propably resemble me the most. Though she's somewhat timid and socially weak she however can turn the tides of unpleasant moment to her (and her friends) favor. I've always pictured how I behave and what I could do to turn my weaknesses to strength. Seriously I'd say this character has helped me to deal with my flaws. My another fav pone is Princess Luna. I just love every aspect in that character <3

I don't find what else I could say. At the momet it's kinda cold in Finland and I wouldn't dare to go outside. What is more my car didn't work in the morning, possibly due the coldness. I wasn't able to go to work but instead I have now time to hangout at this forum :D.

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20 hours ago, PaulBron said:

The biggest introduction I have ever seen XD, welcome. :balloon:

I'm bad at summarising things and when I start to write, things might escalate to that. Great though someone bothered to read all that! :D

14 hours ago, shyabetes3939 said:

Welcome to the herd! :mlp_yeehaa:

Great to see a fellow Fluttershy fan joining us! :yay:

I'm an American but I've always thought Finns were cool!

Thank you, bro! And yeah, Fluttershy rules! :yay:

Also it's really heart warming that someone consider my small nation like that <3

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