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Where Can I Found Free Equestria Girls Book?

Sunset Shimmmer

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Just a heads up, we can't really link such things here because the site has a policy against providing links to warez, torrents, etc.

Honestly the best way to LEGALLY acquire them is to get an Amazon Prime account for like $99 a year because you get access to all the ebooks which you can read discretely.

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@Sunset Shimmmer

Requesting and posting links to pirated content is prohibited here on MLP Forums. This can be expanded on by viewing our guidelines, which every new user should take a look at: 


Pirated links are forbidden - Do not post links to, or request links to, any pirated content. Specific exceptions have been made for Equestria.TV episode streams, and pre-approved authors of the Forums Official Episode Discussion topics.

Therfore, I will be locking this thread. It is asked that you please refrain from making posts like this in the future and that you do your own research for such material.

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