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Good job! Every time I visit this thread, you seem to have made significant progress. While I liked your earlier drawings too, your lines seem more "relaxed" now -if that makes any sense- as well as your shading. Keep up the good work! ^_^

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I have finally returned to drawing after a long hiatus. Being in the process of writing a new story and getting a new computer for drawing was what held me back, but now I am back. Let's start with something simple...



Just a head drawing of my OC, but I feel it's better than the last full-body drawing I did of Cloud Shroud by far regardless.

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I definitely had legitimate thoughts about doing Blueblood next, but first, I wanted some practice with vectoring in Illustrator. Thus, I made an anime pic. 



Yes, I went weeb, the horror. Don't worry, this is still a pony fan art thread, so I did some more practice with a simple pony pic, a redraw of MLP OC Paul Peoples' ghost. 



I feel I'm finally starting to make some genuine progress... :fluttershy:


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