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Dashy 4 Ever

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22 minutes ago, Cwanky said:

I believe he’s a Fallout fan. Wonder if he’s disappointed about Fallout 76? :o

Not a Fallout fan. AT. ALL!

20 minutes ago, Kyoshi said:

He likes to smash the ever-expanding white void. :catface:

He made all these banners? Wow!

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@Will Guide Sorry the blue jumpsuit threw me off and I've seen quite a few Fallout fans on the site. I do know you're a changeling fan though and being a fan of Thorax and Ocellus myself, I can respect that.

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22 hours ago, Cwanky said:

His character strongly resembles a Gorillaz, at least to me.

Gorillaz is my #1 favorite so..:LunaMCM:



You like dragons. 

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