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Art Contest Winner - January


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This january contest is now over
Read bellow the winner to discover

That would be @Usager's "Jack the mechanic"
He is strong Yak, so he's ok, don't panic

But stay some more, this is not over yet
The other entries we must not forget

Like @Amanita's "A Heartbreaking Discovery"
Let's hope that pocket wrench will have a quick recovery


or @Script Chime's Doomsday after the updates
Mad Inventor.png
and @MarvelMoon's earth pony, who cares more for dates

last but not least is @Synniken's lunch break dude
who has some dreams like every pony should
January Art Contest_LI (2).jpg

believe me when i say, i'm not exagerating
you have displayed great talend in creating
before the rhyming gets more complicating
i must say bye, thanks for participating

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51 minutes ago, Bas said:

Good job everypony!

@event team Could we get the art requirements in the winner postings? :wub:

one from each line 

Mechanic / Inventor
Lovestruck / In Pain
Earth Pony / Yak

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