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Art Contest - February

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bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.pnguhmm... *gulp*

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png everyone was busy with fighting evil in the world cup?

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Yup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png So they asked you to announce this contest?

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Yup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png Are you ready then?

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Nope

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png one trait from each line all combined in one character?

Superhero/ Supervilain
Bored/ Impatient
Bat Pony/ Fruit-Vampire pony

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Yup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png and they send it here? (it may tell you there's an error, but your entry does get through, it's just the system trolling us all)

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Yup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png deadline is the end of the month as usual?

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png eyup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png see? you did it, was it that hard?

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png yup

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png ...

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Nope

valtasar.png.e691e69d7c1970a227845f8d32acfbe5.png alright everyone, you heard him, February's contest has started, and as always keep it safe for the foals, or you'll have to answer to Big Mac over here

bigmac.png.0833c2e1d6f0073112f4e0349686250f.png Eyup!


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I’ll do my best, although it probably won’t be an OC this time XD

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Awesome RP! Big M is manliest stallion!

GL to everypony. Maybe I should try to join in with some very bad MS paint pics or weird GIMP images?

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