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Is replying to many posts considered farming/grinding?

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Actually it depends and is looked at contextually. We have a rule that warns about being spammy. That means annoying behavior can be shut down. If you are posting status updates, blogs, and necroposting over and over in quick succession we will tell you to stop. The reason for that is that this use of the forum is self-indulgence at the expense of all other users’ content.

That said, replying to topics that are already on the front pages of each sub-forum won’t get you in trouble, but spammy low quality shit posting may do so eventually. Like, do not copy and paste the same stuff over and over again either. 

It’s important to note that the current guidelines no longer handcuff staff when it comes to annoying behavior. While we won’t warn and ban people as quickly as we may have done in the past, we will usually act on anything that is just a pain in the ass for the user base here. 

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