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I got inspired by Fallout Equestria to write my own large scale crossover fanfiction, and since I really love BattleTech, I decided to make one based on the BattleTech universe. (If you don't know, BattleTech involves outer space and BattleMechs, aka giant stompy robots). I guess we'll see if my motivation holds up to that, but in the meantime, I figured a roleplay based off of the crossover would be cool. So that's what I'm going to do. I've got like three pages for the history written on Google Drive (you can read it if you want. It's at the bottom of the post along with some other stuff in the spoiler), and I'm going to try and keep it as short as possible so I can put most of the meat into the actual fanfictions.

I think I'll set this roleplay during the Clan Civil War. It's necessary to know the history for this, but most people aren't going to want to read all three pages that I've written, so I've put the shortest version of the history that I can muster here. I made it as entertaining to read as I could. This all leads up to the point where the roleplay starts.

All the characters and storylines in the roleplay are going to be put into the fanfiction I'm writing for the Clan Civil War. If you don't want your character to be included, just let me know in the character form, and I'll replace your character with somepony else in the fanfiction.


1000 years after the events of MLP:FiM, Terra becomes heavily populated and looks towards the stars. They leave, under the name Star League, and colonize eight new planets using warp drive technology. The names of these planets and their governing bodies is on the Google Doc. One of the planets splits from the Star League, eventually giving birth to the six original Clans (combat-loving societies who actually aren't that different from the Star League, they just love tradition and rituals. And some of the Clans are batshit crazy, but that's an entirely different story.). The Clans and the Star League fight, but despite the Clans' better technology, the Star League's far superior numbers win out, and the Clans are chased into deep space.

Fast forward a few decades, and SURPRISE the po'd Clans haven't actually been sitting on their asses all this time. They come back with a vengeance (and giant stompy robots, which helped a bunch. The Star League's archaic tanks didn't stand much of a chance) and take over like half of inhabited space before the Star League "replicated" the Clans' BattleMechs (think of a child trying to build a treehouse, and they don't get help, just some hand tools. No wood. They gotta chop down a tree themselves. With an ax) some forty years later. The Clans retake their home worlds, and after a brief hiatus, resume their offense simply because the Star League messed with them, and they want to take Terra and force the Star League into deep space, just like what was done to them. The Clans are crazy. Don't piss them off.

One of the Clans stopped fighting after they retook their home planet and the surrounding system (bloody cowards), and while the other Clans didn't like that, they ignored the deserter and pushed onwards. A century of fighting later, the Clans are at Terra's doorstep (The Star League's far inferior Mechs and much larger numbers slowed the Clans down considerably) and the Clans issue a formal challenge (called a Trial of Possession in this case). As angry as the Clans still are, everyone on both sides is dying and the war has been going on for roughly one hundred and fifty years, so everyone just wants it to be over. It was named the First Great War for a reason. Surprisingly, the Clans lose the formal challenge, and they slink back to their respective home planets in accordance with the conditions of the Trial. Clans are honorable, so there's that I guess. At least they're not in deep space anymore.

This is followed by about four hundred years of peace (with the exception of a few very small scale wars), where both sides lick their wounds, fix the planets that got blown all to hell, repopulate said planets, and research new tech. Near the end of this time of peace, the Clans undergo an unprecedented amount of growth in technology, and they're miles ahead of the Star League now in terms of tech (the BattleMechs look pretty badass at this point, and they're much stronger). This prosperity leads to a booming population in Clan space, and after the Clan leaders meet to discuss stuff, they split and form eighteen more Clans who populate further into space on new planets.

A hundred years or so later and the Clans are unhappy again (well, some of them anyway). Seven of them fight in a giant free-for-all (starting the Second Great War. You heard me right. Another great war, which is most likely going to last for another century. We're up to sixty years so far), which turns into the Clan Civil War when they form alliances and it ends up as your traditional A vs B, good vs bad sort of thing. More fighting, more bloodshed, and a whole lot more to write.

So let's get this rp started, shall we? Let's start with some basic rules.

1. Follow the Forum guidelines. They're near the top of the webpage for desktop, or in that little dropdown thingy on mobile.

2. Don't godmod. This is having a character that is basically unstoppable. I'll ask you to change it an maybe suggest a few alterations. Gotta keep thinks balanced, you know? I'm looking at you, Riot Games.

3. Don't rush. Roleplaying involves other people, so consult the involved party/parties before posting something that affects their character in a meaningful way. Preferably in the OOC. It's here for a reason.

4. Post here if you want to leave the roleplay, and there will be no hard feelings, no questions asked. If you were roleplaying an important character someone else will take over, and if you were roleplaying a side character we'll work them out of the storyline some way. Unless you specify you don't want them killed, they'll probably die honorably, or at least to progress the story line. If you're roleplaying as an important character and you go on an extended break, me or someone else is going to take over. All for the greater good.

5. I really don't want to control the roleplay. One great thing about roleplays is the different perspectives of everyone involved. However, I'm going to be pretty picky about what flies and what doesn't. I'm putting a lot of work into creating this world (or galaxy I guess, haha), and I want it to turn out in a way I'm happy with. That being said, I'm not going to be a dictator. You'll still have plenty of freedom, just a basic storyline to follow, and I'll nudge you politely if you stray too far.

Here's the form for creating a character. If you don't want to be in a specific Clan or House of the Star League, just pick Clan or Star League and I'll assign you to one.



Race (Pegasus, Bat Pony, etc.):

Physical Description (a picture can suffice):


Affiliation (Clan / Star League):

Rank (civilian, Mech pilot, jet/VTOL pilot, tank pilot, etc.):

Background (optional):

Other (optional):

I think that's everything. Here's the links for the Google Docs. You don't have to read these if you don't want. The summary above should be enough information to get by in the roleplay.


The current complete history. You should read this first. It's about three and a half pages at the time I'm writing this, and It's probably gonna stay that way until the Civil War fanfic is done. As you come across underlined terms, go ahead and search them in the definitions Google Doc if you want explanations.

Definitions of some words used in the history. Read this as you read the history, or you'll be completely lost. It would be like reading a dictionary, so I can't recommend doing it that way.

A list of important ponies. I'll update this as things go, and maybe I'll write short blurbs about them eventually. It's really just a list of like ten ponies at this point.


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This is the character post. As characters are added to the roleplay, I'll put them in here so people can put a face to names in the roleplay easily.

Sundance @Zephyr / Karou


Name: Sundance

Age: 16

Race: Earth Pony

Physical Description: *see picture*



Personality: Sundance is a timid, cowardly pony. While he possesses exceptional Mech piloting skills, his cowardice prevents him from being the MechWarrior he could be. He loves being around friends, but being looked down upon by almost the entirety of his Sibko, he doesn't have many. He talks quietly, so while he likes talking, hardly anyone ever hears him.

Affiliation: Currently a cadet in a Clan Draconequus Freeborn Sibko.

Rank: MechWarrior cadet

Background: Sundance was stolen by Clan Draconequus soldiers as a colt, along with about 100 other foals from his home town. He was raised with them to be a MechWarrior by the military, through a merciless training process that not every recruit survives.

Other: Even though Sundance's special skill is Mech piloting, his cowardice means he can't be of much use in battle, making his cutie mark essentially pointless. The other ponies in his Sibko give him flak for it, and many of them find the irony frankly hilarious.


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