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I have a relative who I know still uses Windows XP for work.

I still remember it was actually not too long ago, when it still wasn't out of the ordinary for someone to still be using an operating system that came out in 2001.

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Windows XP is still in use at my work on instrument computers. Older scientific instruments don't play nice with operating systems beyond XP. We just keep those computers off the internet.

My favorite startup sound is Windows 98

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Windows XP is by far my favourite version of Windows. Although I don't use it, nor do I know any who still do. I do like the startup sound, as it makes me nostalgic for simpler times.

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It's installed on a few of my lap tops, but even back in 2015 it was rough trying to use the internet. Only fire fox functioned as a browser. Not sure how well it'd work now. Even mobile operating systems work better these days. 

I mean it was a fine OS. It's longevity and limited use even to this day is a testament to how well it aged. But aged it has.  

Yet I still don't have Windows 10, nor do I intend to. At the moment I'm using Windows 7, and I think it's a proper spiritual successor to XP in terms of long term functionality.


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I used Windows XP long time ago, about 10 years ago. That computer is gone now. I don't think even public libraries still carry XP computers.

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