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I want to see some art of my ocs based on my older sisters if anyone doesn't mind drawing them. The position I would like them in is sitting and facing each other so their cutie marks are shown. Both would be looking at you without turning their whole heads and Iolite's hoof would be around Ruby Aura's neck. Ruby's smile would be smaller and shyer than Iolite's, which is wider.

Iolite is a light blue unicorn with a long, straight dark purple mane and tail. She has bright green eyes with the crystal pony shine to them. Her cutie mark is a dark silver crown with an iolite gem set in the middle of it.

Ruby Aura is a sunset orange unicorn with a long, wavy, dark red mane and tail. Her right eye is a dark red while her left is hazel (which I just imagine as greenish brown). They also have the crystal pony shine to them. Her cutie mark is a brown book surrounded by a reddish hazel aura, like it's being levitated. 

I'm fine if anyone just wants to do one instead of both.

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