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Roleplay Changes - Character Database to be Archived

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After months of fighting with IP.B and trying to salvage the character database, I realized that I have wasted precious hours trying to fix something that might best be redone. The issues that plague the old databases are just a pain to fix and also set up for the future of Roleplay and also for other uses of the character database. Entering March the existing character databases will be placed into an archived state that will still keep them accessible, but lock them from edits or new character entries. As this happens we will be rolling out a new database that will be designed to incorporate multiple facets of the upcoming Roleplay revamp. This means that some individuals will need to manually copy over any information from their existing character templates to the new system if you wish to have them active and connected to any new features. I will be VERY transparent as I do this giving everyone ample time to prepare. 


Again, the old database is NOT going to be deleted or removed. Your old characters will still be there. It will simply be read only. It will be replaced by a better looking and more flexible database. The idea is to incorporate optional elements and categories for various RP types making it a hell of a lot easy to maintain and to allow you as character creators several options. 


Stay tuned. 

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