Romance See How the Night Sky Glows

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Recently I started writing an Equestria Girls fanfic with Sky Scraper (my OC/ponysona) and Lyra, and the first chapter is now done! :mlp_yeehaa:

Sky Scraper is a smart kid, but he doesn't really like people. He has no siblings and only a couple of friends, and he's happiest when he's on his own, taking leisurely strolls through his town at night. The cool night breeze always eases any stress he's feeling and helps him collect his thoughts.

Now, however, his dad has gotten a new job and the family is moving to Canterlot. Sky didn't really like his old school, and so is somewhat glad to be transferring to a new one. As he settles in to Canterlot High, he finds it much easier to make friends in this more open and friendly environment. But it isn't long before he has to face the truth.

There's no use denying it - he's head over heels for Lyra Heartstrings.

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