Request Shop Cyber's Request Shop (fullbody + background)

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If you're down for it I have a furry you can try unless you prefer pony. Either way Is like to know shat youre comfortable with before posting a reference, thank you in advance.

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Could you do Sweet Scoop, who’s my mascot OC? My adorable ice cream shop owner who’s got a convoluted as all heck backstory and lineage. Lol. :) 

As for the pose: she’s leaning on a glass counter which is above a bunch of different ice cream flavours, happily licking an ice cream cone.

As for the background: Behind the counter of an ice cream shop. Light blue wall, menu in white chalk on a blackboard.

if it’s too complex I can easily erase some stuffs. Ty. :) Or I could give art in return if so?

Edited by Sweet Scoop

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