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At first I hated the pony fandom because they invaded my websites and work place but then I began to accept them and EMBRACED THEM WITH OPEN ARMS!!!

Hello everypony!!!

I am very new to the forum but have been a fan of the ponies for about 4 years. At first I only looked at screen shots and fan art without knowing who the mane 6 even were but aft I embraced them, the flood gates opened up and I had the mane 6 Plushies and a derpy plush! I am sorry to see it enter the final season and it hurts, but I will continue to love the ponies of G4. Applejack will always be my country heart, when I bake Pinkie will be on my mind. Reading a book by the fire I look up to see Twilight reading. Rainbow Dash pushing me in the gym and trying on a new suit Rarity will be there for good measure. Sorry to babble on but I am very grateful for what the ponies have done for this chapter in my life and will always hold a place in my heart for them, the fandom, and talented artist who continue to give us new and beautiful art.

Thanks you every pony out there, I say hello to you all, before we must say goodbye...

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Hello @country_cook and welcome to the forums!

20 hours ago, country_cook said:

Thanks you every pony out there, I say hello to you all, before we must say goodbye...

Who says there has to be a goodbye? Gen 4 may end, but its fans never will. ;) Come on in and stay a while, we're not going anywhere anytime soon. :)

If you need anything or want to chat, my door's always open.

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