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writing My favorite (Poem)

Deidre Asada

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This is my favorite poem of all I don't remember who wrote this but I shall give credit to him / her for writing this awesome poem..So let me here what you think of this poem which I deeply love..



Moonlit nightmares scar my soul

devoured with demonic sighs

chained insanity calls unto me

acidic teardrops dwell in my eyes.


Blood in my veins run backwards

As the life inside flows out,

My turmoil at its precipice

As is my silent shouts.


Pulsating echos scream violently

from my catacomb heart beat,

leather collar suffocates slowly,

I am the beast needing to retreat.


The cracks in my reality

Open as gaping wounds

As the walls of insanity grow larger

Into an abhorrent and vulgar room.


Scribbling distress signals

upon a maggot filled tomb

rotten tears consume my breath,

held captive within a hell hounds womb.


Dry stench of carcass occupy the void

Dank toxic vapour fills my lungs

a frantic scramble to exsist

To the drone of the reapers

Edited by Deidre Asada
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