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Searching Welcome to The Death Game! (Anthro/Group)

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The year is 2022, and a revolutionary new virtual reality video game system has been made, The Full Dive System, where the user wears a helmet that hooks into the brain waves of the user, allowing the user to fully experience the game they are in. Along with this new system, comes the newest MMORPG, Sword Art Online. Many ponies have lined up outside of stores, even to the point of camping outside for nights, just to get their hands on the system and game. That is, except for the lucky 1,000 ponies who had been selected to be Beta testers. One of those lucky Beta testers is a young batpony mare, by the name of, Rayven Starshield.


Name: Midnight Serenade
Age: 31
Gender: Mare
Species: Batpony
Occupation (IRL): Night Guard
Skill Set (SAO): Beast Tamer/Dual Wielder
Personality: Brash, Independent, Strong Willed and Sometimes Bullheaded.
History: Midnight was born in the colony of Hollow Shades, and growing up being taught the history of her species. She had grown up admiring the Lunar Guards, and having aspired to become one. As she turned sixteen, she had applied to become a Lunar Guard, and was given the chance to prove herself in a tournament, which she won.
Likes: Music (Moonspell, Powerwolf, Tiamat, Darkseed, Lacuna Coil, Deathstars, Deadstar Assembly, 69 Eyes, Sisters of Mercy etc..), Anime, Cartoons, her Son, Coffee, Alcohol..
Dislikes: Alcoholics, Drugs, Junkies, Rudeness, Abrasiveness, Disrespectful Ponies...



This is where you will sign up for interest in the RP! Either post a link to your Oc or put in a hidden post about him/her..



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This sounds like a lot of fun. Here's my info for my OC, Dynamo Pad.


Name: Dynamo Pad
Age: 19
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Occupation (IRL): Gamer
Skill Set (SAO): Sword and Shield, possibly a Katana

Likes: Video games, Anime, Cosplay, Swimming, Reading, Music, Conventions, Spending time with his friends, sweets
Dislikes: Spiders, Bullies, Anything Sour, Seeing others being picked on for what they love, Being told what he can and cannot do and learn


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