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Request Shop Creating sprays for TF2/GMOD


Approval sought and granted

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Hello, if you played Team Fortress 2 or Garry's Mod, you realise you can put images as sprays, but only images of specific format, like JPEG but not PNG or GIFs.

Well, I got the solution for you! I can convert PNG or GIF to sprays, even have transparent background, even the GIF. Just send the images here and I'll do it!


-No NSFW, even in Private Message.

-GIF less than 6 image, or the game can't take it.

-Image are at 512x512, GIF can only be at 256x256. (Blame the game.)




-How to install it?

The file will be a .VTF, just put it somewhere. Launch the game, Options-> Multiplayer -> Import Image -> go where you put the .VTF and select it -> You have it.

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