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Would you live in Equestria if the Cutie Map used force?


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The Mane Six have been called by the map to solve a friendship problem. A very serious friendship problem. And this time, they've failed. The two ponies they were supposed to help not only didn't get to reconnect, but one of them became an all-powerful supervillain that had to be sent to Tartarus for war crimes not unlike those perpetuated by the likes of Tirek or Sombra. The other pony was never seen again. A massive search for this pony has been conducted every day since the incident ended, and with no leads, everyone's beginning to question whether she's even still alive. Her family has become so distraught that her mother had to be admitted to a mental hospital for suicidal thoughts.

As far as the Tree of Harmony's concerned, this tragedy only happened because in spite of all their past accomplishments, the Mane Six were too incompetent to fulfill the task entrusted to them. The tree has concluded that fear is the only solution. So now to ensure that nothing like this happens again, when being summoned by the map, cutie marks will no longer just glow with a brighter intensity. They will also burn. So much that when it happens, ponies will feel like cattle being branded with a hot iron. It's only going to get worse any moment the map senses their efforts at solving the friendship problem are about to go south.

This serves as a terrible reminder to each of the Mane Six that failure is no longer an option. But since the map can call practically any creature, and not just the Mane Six or even ponies, that makes you subject to the same treatment. If it wants YOU to fix a problem, you're gonna get a nasty burn. And since you don't have a cutie mark, you haven't a clue what part of you will be affected. The only way to avoid this is to jump through a portal leading back to your own world, so the map can no longer detect you.

Do you leave Equestria, or do you stay and continue to live with every creature at the mercy of the map?

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