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I feel The Cutest Couple Contest was rigged

Will Guide

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In The Cutest Couple Contest, I know I saw that Bright Mac and Pear Butter got the most votes, but then on the day of the announcements, their votes were zeroed out and instead the winner went to Chrysalis and Shining Armor, which didn't have any votes the day before.

I may not have voted for the Apple Pearents, but they're the couple who should have won and the nine people who actually voted for them could testify. If this whole event was meant to be a prank, it's too soon for that, seeing that April's Fools Day is a month away. I'm not the only person who noticed this as seen on the Topic page after the "winner" was annouced, other people pointed out the switcharoo.

All in all, the people who voted for the true winners are likely upset their victory was unfairly stolen and I'm just trying to bring attention to this unfair outcome.

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2 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

Last time I checked @SparklingSwirls and @DasCapschen had the most votes. 

At what number? Because I saw The Apple Pearents with at least 9 votes. Either way, the fact remains that there was fowl play going on at the last minute and that's simply unfair to the people who voted fairly. Wouldn't you agree?

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We had 5 :P

This was clearly a prank. I understand that the forum staff wants to do fun, light-hearted silly things for us members, but the execution was a bit confusing. I do think many forum members were excited for Pear Butter x Bright Mac to win.

Hopefully staff will consider these reactions when coming up with more “twists” in the future :) 

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13 minutes ago, Bas said:

I am personally fine as how it went. Partly, because it was a surprising and unexpected end, and also because it was a light-atmosphere non-competitive event/poll.

Apart of that, I got it in the guts that the event might continue and isn't over yet.

We shall soon find out....hopefully.

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On 3/3/2019 at 1:25 PM, Bas said:

Right at the start somepony showed up with showcasing the 2 different profiles. I felt this was ruining the surprise to others.


When an actor flubs a line they and the others around them keep going as if nothing happened. Most people don’t notice. Those that do normally keep it to themselves. Those that don’t keep it to themselves normally receive smiles that hide and internal dialogue that the person who outed the mistake is ... well ... fill in the blank. 

I’m not instituting any of your suggestions Bas. Ultimately whether it comes across demanding or not doesn’t matter. There is a fair amount of loose planning mixed with ad-hoc decisions. That isn’t changing. If your observation skills are ruining events for you, there are plenty of other things around here to occupy your time. I honestly don’t think that it was a big deal to most people. And those that did catch any mistake probably had a wry smile on their face. 

Anyway, locking this topic for obvious reasons.

Also, one profile that kept changing and one profile dedicated for stuff unrelated to this event. All planned so it wasn’t really a mistake. Sorry you didn’t like it. I’m not entirely surprised though. 

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