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Is Luna's dream realm only for ponies?

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Celestia is the ruler of Equestria, which is the pony nation. But the sun and the moon is on the sky for everyone on the planet (if there is such a concept in MLP). All the other creatures got their asses handed to Celestia. 

I'm curious if Luna's dream realm only restricted to only ponykind. And if so, would there be луна(luna) yak, луна dragon, луна griffons instead of just луна pony?

If there aren't any of those, how would other creatures dream? And if they just dream well without Luna's guidance, just like how ponies might have dreamt just fine for thousand years in this case, is Luna's role in dreams even necessary?

What do you think?

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I think so. According to the FIENDship  is Magic comic with Nightmare Moon's backstory, it goes into detail that she learned her dream abilities from creatures called the Nyx, and they were entrusted to monitor the dreams of PONIES specifically. 

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Dreamscape has no need for whiny blue horses. Luna is not the Princess of Dreams. She is a glorified neighborhood watchpony. We've seen non-pones within the dreamscape, but we've never seen Luna being able to explore dreams of those outside the reach of Harmony. A true nightmare would be able to hack the dreams of lesser creatures outside of her master's influence. Luna, in any of her forms, was never a true nightmare.



OP brings up an excellent point: Luna is useless. Dreams have probably existed for as long as thoughts and she'd been gone for a thousand years. Nothing happened. That, plus the fact that she has no idea what is happening outside the borders of Equestria really activates those almonds.


So here's a nightmare for you, Princess:


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