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Hey, everyone. I hope you're doing well.

I have 2 problems I need help with recording my screen and audio.

1. Does anybody know how to record the screen and the audio to be EXACTLY like how you'd be hearing it via headphones/earbuds? The Let's Play videos are like that.

2. I have a Blue Snowball, but I'm having trouble using it. I don't know how to use it without the mic on my computer recording things instead.

I have Audacity and aTube Catcher, but I'm still learning how to use them.
Are there any other free programs commonly used by YouTubers for their Let's Plays?


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Hey there,

I'm not an expert in that area, but I toy it a little from time to time and that's what I can tell~

1. Capturing Screen

People often mention OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) when it comes to a free screen capturing software. I use it myself ~ all videos I have uploaded to YouTube so far are recorded by this software and I can't complain. It never caused me any troubles, everything worked fine for me. Even the quality is quite decent if I do say so myself. When I was importing materials to Vegas for editing, the output was tiny little bit less clear than the original file made by OBS.

Anyway, this software allows you to capture multiple windows/games, catch fullscreen, as well as add few other things if you'd like. It also records their sounds as they are, everything nicely synced. 

I made a mess to show how it looks like, more or less. :mlp_icwudt:



-Now you only have to hit 'start recording' and do your best playing two games at the same time while notifying your viewers about your awesome challenge via fancy TwiThonkText™. :mlp_icwudt:

It's totally free and ad/watermark-free.


Or perhaps you could use Nvidia if you happen to have such GPU. If you have one, I believe you already have the Nvidia overlay popping out when booting games, as it all comes from its drivers. All you'd have to do would be to follow its instructions. I can't say much about it though, as I haven't really used it - I only use instant replay feature it offers and I love it.


Other than that I believe people go with some paid-products, though I may be mistaking.


2. Voice Recording

Voice recording is something I haven't toyed with much, so I'm not oriented well there.

While Audacity gets the job done, I recall people mentioning something else. :mlp_huh:

Though I can tell, that OBS Studio can do it for you, as you can set an additional source of sound input, so that it records the game and your voice - all in one into instantly-ready product.

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OBS was suggested to me in the first place and I recall some YouTubers mentioning using it in their videos, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least give it a try. In fact, I haven't tried many programs like this, since most of them are paid products. First, I wanted to do a research if there are free alternatives and whenever I tried these it always ended up in having to face limits and/or watermarks all over the place. ...Until I bumped into OBS, that appeared to be a decent free software.

So yeah, I can't compare it with legit paid screen capturing software, but I can tell, that it works for me.

Styling the text outside this text editor. (Manually coding it in via HTML)

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I recommend, if you’re using a face cam, to slate for your out of game sound. Common sense I am sure but Trust me it makes things far easier.

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I use this app called Mobizen for when I want to screen record on my phone. It's completely free too.   

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On phone I use DU Screen Recorder. Free and let's you add audio later. 

As far as PC and game system capture though, there is no free ones that I know of that record audio too. I got a Agptek capture card that works for all game systems and PC. Was 60 bucks so I just got it instead of a game a few months ago and it has a mic jack to record commentary with any headset or microphone with a standard audio jack.

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