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Art contest winner - Febuary

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And it's that time again where we have to wrap up the art contest, i gave it an extra day this time since this month was a bit shorter
this one will be the last one of this run, and after a bit of a breather, we'll start a different kind of art contest starting next month(don't hold me on that)
let's not delay any longer, this month had only two entries, but honestly both were great, so both get the trophy, congratulations to @Hardway Bet with his "Darkwing drudge"
Darkwing Drudge.png

and @Ganaram Inukshuk with his "when impatience approaches rudeness(what's a hroom?)"

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Congratz to the artists then, they look great.

Though, I am too stupid to understand the second one.:confused:

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