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Why conflict is needed on the show


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Yunno what the #1 thing that causes great character development is? I’m sure you already read the title, so yunno already: conflicts! Conflicts are what causes the best development for not just character, but relationships! If there’s friendship in the show with no conflicts, then can they really be friends? It’s conflict is what tests friendship – that’s what made Return of Harmony so good! The Mane Six’s first big conflict! Then in the end, their friendship was stronger than ever! Same can be said with Twilight and Shining’s conflict in Canterlot Wedding, Starlight and Trixie in All Bottled Up and Road to Friendship, and Twilight and Spike’s conflict in Father Knows Beast!

Conflict of one’s self has also been done in the show, and it’s what creates development of one’s self as well, making them better people, episodes like Newbie Dash, which showed Rainbow Dash confidence of herself when she got over the teasing of her squad. That was probably not the best example, but it’s the best one I got. How about the first episode? Twilight making friends solved a conflict she had with herself of struggling to make friends! There, that’s better!

You might not like character conflicts that much, but I’m tellin’ ya, it’s what makes every friendship stronger! It doesn’t mean they’re not gonna be friends anymore! No conflicts isn’t healthy for a relationship – it’s balance that keeps it alive, and makes both parties happy and content! That said, I’m not saying conflict should happen ALL the time, but every once in a while, can create balance, and balance ALWAYS works! Grey Jedi!

I know some characters on the show really hold their tongues on certain characters and keep from conflicts, but sometimes, it takes being brainwashed by an evil overlord to start up a conflict between friends, and therefore, lead to a better friendship! ;)

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