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Grovel before the Great and Powerful Tiaxie!


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It has come to Tiaxie's attention that there are those who have not heard of her destiny to rule all! Tiaxie finds this unacceptable! Therefore, Tiaxie will allow commoners to benefit from her infinite wisdom and kiss her hooves while they still possess lips to do so. Futile grovelling and begging to be spared following her ascension is also encouraged.

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16 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

I was wondering: "Are you a mix of Princess Celestia and "The Great and Powerful" Trixie?"

You dare compare Tiaxie to that overgrown buffoon? Celestia is not worth emptying Tiaxie's chamberpot, let alone associating with her? And Tiaxie does not care to know who Trixie is.

27 minutes ago, Longhaul said:

Okay, so you want to rule everything.  My questions is:  How do you plan to accomplish this (short-term and long-term goals, general plans,etc.)?

Plans? Tiaxie does not need plans! When the time is right, destiny itself will propel Tiaxie to her power over all! And also Discord!

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