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Old world downloads. (1.6-1.8)


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Now I know this server isn't as active as before. It has been a while since I even searched up this name. But I have played on this server since 2013. I Just wanted to see my friends old builds, but then I remembered that they cleared the old 1.6.4 map back before I was banned. I am currently still banned and this is not a repeal. BUT I was hoping anyone has ANY world downloads from 1.6? or maybe even 1.8? I know someone has asked before for a world download but I was just wondering if anyone has a copy. I don't really mind how big the file would be, but I just wanna experience some nostalgia. It's fine if nobody has one. I get it. It has been a while. 

Thank you,

~Jon (Blueexphone/Bluee_wong)

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Hey I remember you!

I absolutely second this (I want em sooo bad), but it's probably not going to happen. I wanna say Orca had the map files for 1.6, maybe Firestar had em I dunno, not sure if he held on to them, and I haven't heard from the old operators ever since the server was acquired by PoniArcade. I remember asking for the map after the reset and the files were just so massive there wasn't a good way to distribute them (at least not five years ago).

Were you in my old town, Derpyville? I think I have a world download of just that section toward the end of the map's life. There's also some videos on YouTube! (hopefully, still)

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Sorry to reply to such an old thread but may I suggest uploading the maps to Mega if you ever get a chance to get your hooves on them? Unless the map is like over 35 GB or whatever the limit is for free accounts, it should be no problem to stick them up there. I still have some of the old maps from before the server was merged with PoniArc so I understand why some people would still want to download them after resets.


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