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How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Excuse me I never said I was a fan of this show its just using voodoo magic to make me watch it

Help I don't know what's happening to me I keep watching this little kids show I'm 16 and a guy why is this happening I just watched like 16 straight episodes from season 1 and I don't know why I refuse to believe that I'm becoming a brony I won't let this happen to me just because I think rainbow dash is  swagalicious and spike is a savage doesn't mean I like the show right? Please help someone for the love of god

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Seriously though, yes, yes, it all may seem weird, unbelievable and stuff, it's all understandable. When I think of myself, I also kinda can't believe that ~ I'd never guess I'll be where I am now ~ and I'm way older than you on top of that. :mlp_icwudt: In the end, who cares? I do what I like and I have no regrets. :mlp_pout:

In any case, welcome to the herd! I hope you'll find your way to enjoy this journey. :darling:

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