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Greetings, friendos. Don't let the name fool you, as it is but a dual reference to my love of history and to an Ayreon album. Anywho, I am relatively new to this place but not so much to liking ponies. Been around since Season 1 actually. The best pony is, obviously, Sweetie Belle. You can argue until the cows come home, but you'd be wrong. :p

While I'm not enjoying ponies, I play video games (PC master race naturally) but I also collect PC games, mainly of the big box variety. I can share that if people are interested. But I'm also a big time metalhead, I like history and astronomy, and I work in IT... mainly as a jack of all trades.

Anyhow, howdy everyone.

My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: applejack
How did you find MLP Forums?: The Internets.
How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

Many, many moons ago, a friend of mine bombarded me with a youtube video. I took a gander, saw it was MLP and decided not to watch it. He continued to send it to me until I broke down and watched it. The clip in question was the first half of the first episode. I watched it then immediately downloaded S1 in HD.

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Welcome to these very forums!

large_2 (2).png

Sit down and enjoy your mug of cider.

I also work in IT (or will be again in 5 weeks!).

New accounts have limited features. You need to make 5 posts, which will advance you to the Muffin rank (currently you're a Blank Flank). This will unlock many features, including profile customization and the ability to send private messages.

Note, that some sections, such as Welcoming Plaza do not increase your post count. Sections with that restriction have a note in their description.

Once you get there, go to your profile:

~and there you'll find most of the options you're looking for.

Then follow further instructions.

Editing information and bio (about me page) will be in the upper right corner.

Hope that helps. If you'll bump into any troubles, feel free to let us know. :fluttershy:

This tutorial was written by @rikifive.

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Hey! Welcome on the forums! I hope you'll enjoy here^^

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Hello there! ^_^ 

Sweetie Belle is a great pone, I'm not gonna argue. :mlp_grin:

Bombarded with a youtube video and the victory was his? :mlp_pout: What a historical event! :ticking: jk

Welcome to the herd! :mlp_yeehaa:

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