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Thurs AND/OR Sun night, 1 spot

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I have a room at the Hyatt, two queen beds, checking in on Thursday and checking out on Monday.  (4/18/19-4/22/19).  That's 4 nights, for a collective total of $611.55 with tax, by my calculations.  $152.89 a night, split between whoever's staying that night.  (Or bargain with me.)  Currently it's me and a friend.  (Edit: and now two others I haven't met, but seem reasonable.)  I'm usually pretty quiet, and he's demonstrated himself to be pretty considerate.  We have room for two one zero (see edit below) more non-disruptive males.  Let me know if you're interested.

Edit: We now have four people, but if you can't find a place to sleep on Thursday night AND/OR on Sunday night, one guy isn't showing up until Friday, and another is leaving on Sunday morning, so we have a spot open on each of those nights.


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Update on spot count
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Con vet here. Looking to go the full weekend. Followed AC last time and it was a blast. Hoping to do it again. That said, I will be pretty chill back at home base. If you wanna hang out, you need only ask.

I got discord, twitter, gmail and deviantart.

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Yeah, we still have a spot open.  Sorry it took me a bit - I didn't get any notification emails.  Are you still looking for a room?  PM me.

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