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spoiler Is there actually people that love the Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry pairing?


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Flash is a minor character for the exposition of school romance. Something that isn't all that surprising, given MLP and Equestria Girls are female centric shows. Meaning most male characters are not the focus, outside of a few exceptions, such as Discord and... Spike? If you can count that servile beta as a true male.

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On 3/17/2019 at 2:45 AM, Black Sabbath said:

I don't think it does. They're supposed to be the same person with the exception that one is a pony and the other a human, so it's only natural they'd have the same crushes and the like. 

Why wouldn't it be? I don't think it's any different than getting over the fact that your crush is a relationship with someone else. 

The first line contradicts the second. It's been pretty much established that EG characters are linked to their counterparts. Otherwise certain phenomena such as "ponying up" don't make sense. Neither does it make sense that the Mane 6 are friends in both universes. Some kind of emotional/spiritual link is implied, and there appears to be 'something' between Twilight and Flash in both universes. That alone makes this more than just a teen crush. Still doesn't mean it would go anywhere, but it can't be written off as just hormones.

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