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If you've read the title, then you can see that this thread is about Christian music! Feel free to talk about your favorite Christian songs!

Here's a list of some of the ones I like:

Every Good Thing - By The Afters

Chain Breaker - Zach Williams

Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman


What kind of Christian songs do you like? Do you prefer the traditional hymns? The modern songs? Maybe both? Share them here!

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Though I am not a religious individual myself, I confess that there are a number of Religious groups and bands which I like... with the greatest example being Demon Hunter. :darling: I tend to be quite open minded with music in general, so I am willing to listen to nearly anything, religious connotations or otherwise.

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I am not the biggest fan of this genre of music but I have found a few gems...

Who Needs Air by The Classic Crime


Lift Me Up by The Afters


Lord Reign In Me from the Worship Jamz soundtrack


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I end up listening to a lot of Christian music, but nearly all of it is Classical or Early Music. I'm sorry, but modern Christian pop/rock is not for me. Perhaps it's because I'm non-religious, that music just can't stand alone for me.

Here's some of my favorites from Classical/Early Music, though. So much goodness!



And then I can't forget Tallis, whose music is just out of this world!

More (Stravinsky, Bach, and a folk tune - Just because I spoiled this doesn't mean it isn't great! Bach's Erbarme Dich is actually one of my top favorites. There's just too many!)

I know the tune above better as "The Unquiet Grave". I have no idea whether the tune originated for that, Dives and Lazarus or something else.

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I'm a fan of a lot of Christian music, but I don't actively seek it out. I just enjoy it when I run across it. There's a couple exceptions of course, the main one being Tenth Avenue North. I stumbled upon that band a while back and really like a few of their songs, my favorites being By Your Side and You Are More.

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