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Season 9 Premiere Plot is Inspired By the Comics? (Confirmed False)

Misty Shadow

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Though the Season 9 premiere has shut down the hopes of many who believe the canon of the comics and the canon of the show are intertwined, there are still interesting things to note about the similarities between the plot synopsis of the Season 9 premiere and the plot of the arc in the comics of Sombra's return, Siege of the Crystal Empire. Even without Radiant Hope and the umbrum, the two are strikingly familiar. Both involve a shady character bringing together a band of villains (see Episode 8 plot synopsis), "resurrecting" Sombra (most likely explanation for his return), and then having to stay out of the picture after being overpowered by him later on (see the plot synopsis of Part 2), the most likely scenario from all the spoilers we've gotten so far. It's also possible for King Sombra to still be reformed in the show, as possibly foreshadowed by his green eyes, which could be hinting that he's actually being controlled by a greater evil. None of this can be confirmed before the actual airing of the premiere, but I feel it to be a fair speculation from everything we have so far. 

Addendum: Good thing I only speculated, because the plot of the season premiere took no such inspiration. While it's not yet confirmed to be impossible for comic-inspired material concerning Sombra to happen later in the show, it's very likely from the tone the season premiere set that the character of Sombra in the show is entirely different from the character of Sombra in the comics and will have an entirely different storyline about him continued if he reappears. But yes, good thing I didn't make any bets, right? :mlp_please:

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