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slice of life The Round And Bouncy Trixie


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The Great And Powerful Trixie looks back at the time when she turned Twilight Sparkle's dragon assistant, Spike, into a basketball while equipped with the Alicorn Amulet. After I folded him into a ball shape held together with my telekinesis, he bounced just like a real ball. Then as I threw him into a floating hoop I conjured in the air, he rolled down the hoop perfectly. He even squeaks when touched in his normal form.

Now I wonder what it would feel like to be The Round And Bouncy Trixie. Rarity has also turned herself into a bouncy ball and still managed to hold her camera completely still with her magic while bouncing around in ball form. I also like to roll Twilight and my best buddy Starlight Glimmer into perfect spheres that I can balance on, and I even sometimes like to throw their ball forms as fireballs to save ammunition for my explosive weaponry. They're even a good sport about it and turn into balls willingly as well. Now time to see why Rarity, Twilight, and Starlight enjoy being balls. What could Spike be missing out on if he was glad to leave his ball form?

I roll into a tight ball, wrap my curled-up body in my magic, magically massage myself, and mold myself into a perfect sphere. I allow my entire body to relax in the ball shape, then release my magic's hold on me after my legs, ears, mouth, snout, and horn have effectively melted into my completed ball form. My other features are basically painted onto me. While my cutie mark is still in its usual place, my eyes are on the front of the ball and my mane and tail wrap around me in an X shape. Now The Great And Powerful Trixie has become a snug and cozy ball.

My urge to walk afterwards immediately shifts to an urge to roll myself around, as my legs don't want to do anything right now. I do exactly that, then wrap myself in my magic again to confirm that I can use it as well as my relaxed muscles to roll. I then cast a sensing spell to better see where I'm going. I repeatedly roll myself at a nearby attack dummy to knock it around the room, then perform one more rolling attack with my magic aura on. The magic allows me to hit the dummy multiple times for every second I'm in contact with it, then as I disperse the magic aura, the dummy flies across the room  and bounces back towards me. However, since my horn is tucked inside my ball form and I don't have much experience using my unicorn magic, as a ball I can only effectively use my telekinesis on myself and not others. So when I catch the dummy with my magic, I only manage to slow the dummy down before it slams into me and sends me rolling backwards. This would have really hurt if I wasn't a relaxed, bouncy ball. Now it's time to try a new technique.

I then bend into a magically-charged oval shape, roll in place, and take off, allowing my again-spherical body to go as fast as Rainbow Dash, pin the dummy in front of me, burst through the wall (Oh yeah!), and zip past multiple buildings. Upon hitting a wall, I start to bounce off many more like a pinball. Don't worry - as my body is relaxed in this form, I feel no pain or dizziness from rolling. Even so, I better stop myself before I land somewhere I don't want to. Since my legs still don't want to come out of my ball-shaped being yet, I use my magic to stop myself instead. Still in one piece after hitting all those walls while pinned to me, the dummy then falls off me and collapses onto the floor. Just how tough is this dummy's model?

Now it's time for the Bouncy part of The Round And Bouncy Trixie. I levitate myself a few feet above the ground, then let go of myself. As I hit the ground, I bounce back up instead of breaking any bones. This confirms that Trixie's ball form is rubbery as well. But then again, I have to use my magic to stop myself from bouncing. Slowly floating myself back onto the floor, I then begin to jump repeatedly without using my magic. Every time I land, I bounce higher, to the point of bouncing higher than the average house. After I magically stop myself from bouncing, I make the dummy stand back up, gently roll myself into it, then quickly jump high with my magic aura on. The aura simultaneously drags the dummy into the air and hits the dummy repeatedly. When the dummy lands, I then bounce on it repeatedly, amazed that it still survives in one piece. I then do one last bounce and dart down quickly, slamming the dummy into the ground and leaving it lying in a small crater where it had been standing. I then jump high, turn on my magic aura, and perform a homing attack on the dummy. The dummy flies sideways from the impact. I then use another charged rolling attack to launch the dummy back out of the crater before jumping out myself.

Speaking of explosive weaponry, of course, even The Round And Bouncy Trixie wouldn't be complete without fireworks. So first, I use my magic to release a smoke bomb and set it on the floor. The smoke bomb then goes off and releases a smokescreen. After the smoke clears, I roll over to the dummy, release a small firework bomb, and roll away. The dummy flies off in the resulting explosion. I then surround the dummy with many more fireworks and remotely set them off while looking at the dummy. I flash happy eyes as my fireworks juggle the dummy. ULTRA COMBO! If you guessed that the dummy survived even all that fully intact, you're absolutely right.

Poor Spike missed out on the perks of being a ball, while The Great And Powerful Trixie can now understand why Rarity loves her Rariball form so much. What a simple but Great And Powerful form. Glad I was able to introduce Twilight and Starlight to the ball form as well, with them enjoying it as much as I did. I then take the dummy to a hill to see the sunset with it. After making the dummy lie on it's back next to me, I reactivate my dormant limbs with my magic, unfurl back into my pony form, then happily lie on my back with my forehooves under my head. Being a ball is cool and all, but even The Great And Powerful Trixie has to come out of that form to do things it can't effectively.


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