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Animation Star Trek animated series for Nickelodeon.


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I do not have extremely high hopes. Even the 70s animated series wasn't really all that great. But along with my fear it just won't be done well I'm also afraid of it being a cash cow exploiting Discovery's success and being a heaping pile of $#!+ instead of a quality, animated, Star Trek TV show, which I've been craving to see happen for a long time.

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3 hours ago, Dusky, the Boy Queen said:

Even the 70s animated series wasn't really all that great. 

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I'm a big fan of the original cartoon in all it's absurd, corny glory. 


I'm the biggest star trek fan here I'll bet on it, yes I'm excited about this. I just hope it doesn't resemble discovery 

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There's only one true Star Trek and the original '70s cartoon had the entire original cast, which is really impressive. It may not have had the highest budget or quality animation one would ask for, but the actors treated it with the same dignity of the live action original. I liked it a lot. But this new thing they're making now is not exactly giving me goosebumps considering who's at the helm. It looks like another low-end product from people who don't care.  

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