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Starlight vs Omega Starlight song

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Omega Starlight by Mega-PoNEO

Come to me
Of what I once was

Could it be
Me when I
Hated cutie marks?

Old Starlight
From Our Town
I do not need you

You are now

Past Starlight
You're just a shell of
What could have been

I choose to fight for
My friend Trixie

Twilight Sparkle
Convinced me not to destroy

By stopping the Sonic Rainboom

You are no reflection
I am not a dictator

The magic of friendship
Made me a whole lot stronger

For the whole world
This is your end
I'll show no mercy to you!

Hollow shell
I will defeat you

My past is not today

This is fate
Our horns were destined 
To clash one day

You will fall
Refuse to lose someone
Close again

In the end
I have to conquer myself

Don't lose hope
There's fury blazing
Through my body!

I no longer know you
There's no room for my past self

I left Our Town behind
Trixie is my best friend now

We're friendship bound
We have moved on
Our pasts are behind us now

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