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The Everfree Book (Anthro Rumble x Mesme Rize)

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(Just a little something i wrote about Rumble meeting Mesme. It's what you come and love to expect from my stories, with some cute elements in them. Hope you enjoy it. :) )

Rumble, a forest raised Pony only in a red loincloth was wondering around the Everfree all by himself. He was feeling kind of lost and that was unusual for him to feel that way since the Forest in general is his home, he’s gone on a lot of strolls around the place, and he’s never felt that way, he would always find his way back to where he was raised.

“Maybe I went out to far.” Rumble says to himself. “Maybe it really is a big world out there, I feel as though I’m in another realm. Will I encounter anything unusual?”

Rumble kept going, confidant that he’ll find his way back or at the very least, one of his friends will find him. A couple minutes passed and Rumble definitely knew that he only ended up farther into this new area in the forest. He’s seeing animals he’s never seen before.

“What the?” Rumble said to himself, “What kind of place is this?” Nothing seemed too bad, all the creatures kept minding their own business, some did look at the Pony as he walked right by them.
Rumble comes across a stream which it’s current is really strong, he decides to rest there for a bit. He kneels down to scoop up some water in his hands to drink from a couple of times before sitting down, he wondered how he was going to get back. That thought got immediately interrupted by the sound of rustling from behind the bushes, Rumble quickly got up and readied himself, the figure came out and too Rumble’s shock, it was a Manticore that’s a little bigger then him. He felt frightened by its presence and size, “S....stay back.....please.” He begged as tried to take a step back. It was a mistake, because he did that, he lost his balance and fell into the stream getting dragged away by the current.

Rumble’s an excellent swimmer but, the stream’s current was too strong for Rumble to swim off of it so all he’s able to do at the moment is keep his head above the water. He spots a waterfall up ahead and he immediately knew what he must do, he swam as fast as he could towards it. When he reached the waterfall, it sent him flying off a bit instead of straight down. He lands back in the water and this time the current’s much calmer this time. Rumble swims back into dry land and lays underneath some sunlight until he’s mostly dried up. He’s decided to stop focusing on finding his way back for the rest of the day and find a place to stay at that time and continue in the morning. After all, the entire Forest in general is his home and he will treasure it forever.

He gets back up and continues walking around some more, not feeling any worry this time. He stops again, deciding to stay there for the rest of the day, there were some fruit that grow in some of those trees around him so it was the perfect place to settle in.

Little did Rumble know, there was something else there as well. He didn’t notice until it was too late, he felt something smooth wrap a loop around his belly pinning his arms to his sides and lifted him up on the tree he was sitting by.

“Are you in need of some resssst? I can help you with that.” came a male hissing voice from above. Rumble gasped in shock once he was high up, facing him right now was a gigantic Lamia, who was the one that grabbed him from below, from bottom to top his scale colors were Brown and Black spots.

“Hello there Pony Cub.” The Lamia greeted at Rumble. “I’ve never sssseen you around before, so what bringssss you to thissss part of the Forest?”

“I....I was just going for a walk.” Rumble answered nervously, “And I happened to have walked out really far.”

“And then you got losssst because of that.” The Lamia said, Rumble flinched the second he heard that. The Lamia placed Rumble on the branch he’s on and then released him from his grip before remembering something, “Oh my, sssseems we’ve missssed introductionssss. What’ssss your name Pony Cub?”

“Rumble.” He answers, still feeling nervous about the Lamia’s presence. “Nicccce to meet you Darky.” The Lamia says to him. “My name isss Mesme Rize.”

“Now that the introductionsssss are out of the way." Mesme Rize tells Rumble, “What are you doing out here in the Forest all by yoursssself? It can be pretty dangerousssss out there. Good thing I found you firsssst.”

“I....I’m actually fine.” Rumble tells him, “I can look after myself. Really, I’ve been trained to be alert for any predators that are life threatening. Plus, I’m also inedible” He added nervously, hoping that the Lamia dosen't get any ideas.

Mesme Rize never ever planned on eating him in the first place. “I ssssupposssse.” Mesme Rize says, “But sssstill, it’ssss alwayssss besssst for you to have ssssomebody by your sssside.” He moves his head closer to Rumble. “Ssssomebody powerful enough to watch over you.” He then flickers his tongue against his face affectionately.

Rumble freaked out a bit and turned his head away from him as he also put his hands against his snout, trying to keep him from getting any closer to him. Rumble already knows that Lamias have the ability to hypnotize their prey and he’s assuming that’s what Mesme Rize’s trying to do to him and then wrap him up in his coils. He could attack him if he wanted to but due to how dangerous it can be, he tried to stay away from any danger.

Mesme Rize wasn’t surprised by Rumble’s reaction, he even figured he knows he’s plotting to hypnotize him, “Aw, what’ssss wrong?” he says in soothing tone, “We both know I’m not life-threatening to you so why the hessssitation? I just want to help you relaxxxx, relaxxxx within my coilssssssssss.”

Rumble really blushed the second he heard that last part he said to him. After all, a snake’s scaly body has a really smooth feel to the touch, and since Rumble is almost entirely bare, he would feel it all around him. Those thoughts flooded his mind, he began seeing colored rings as well, the colors you’d see from a rainbow.

Rumble immediately realized something a second later, those colored rings are for real! While he was caught off guard, Mesme Rize ceased his chance and made direct eye contact with him activating his hypnosis.

Rumble tried to turn his head away and push Mesme's Head away but it was no use, his arms slowly lowered down to his sides and he couldn’t look away, those eyes were too beautiful to look away from.

“There now, that wassssn’t so bad wassss it?” Mesme Rize asked rhetorically before slowly stroking him with his tail. “Don’t worry, everything’ssss going to be alright, you’ll be in pure blissss in no time. Now then, just sssstand sssstill, relaxxxxxx and keep looking into my rainbow eyessssss.” Mesme Rize says as he keeps swaying his head around gently.

Relaxation flows everywhere on Rumble’s body, he’s able to keep standing. With Mesme Rize swaying around his head like that, he’s forced to follow Mesme Rize’s head movements due to locked eye contact thus making the hypnosis harder to resist.

“That’sssssss right, keep staring at my eyes and relax.” Mesme Rize says to Rumble soothingly. “Prepare yourssssself for the best part.”

Rumble continues gazing at Mesme Rize's hypnotic eyes while still having to follow his swaying head movements. Suddenly, he feels something smooth and scaly slither over his feet and then go around his ankles creating a loop around them also pinning them directly next to each other. Mesme Rize has just started wrapping his coils around him using his tail end. A quick sudden moan came out of Rumble the moment the first loop was completed.

“Oh my, enjoying thisssss already?” Mesme Rize asked rhetorically as he continued wrapping up his legs hearing more small moans in reaction, “Keep ssssstaring at my eyesssssss and be completely aware of my coilsssssss wrapping you up.”

Mesme Rize decided to speed up the swaying a little faster making Rumble’s resistance a little harder but what’s making it more difficult is by each piece of a second those coils wrapping around him and it’s only just his legs that have been wrapped up so far. Not only that, Rumble was beginning to feel sleepy, he’s trying really hard to keep his eyes open.

The coils wrap against his waist. Once the coils begin wrapping up his belly, Rumble’s sighs got a little louder.

“Relaxxxx, sssssubmit, ssssssee the pretty ringsssss in my eyessssss, feel my coilsssssss wrapping you up.”

The coils began wrapping Dark’s chest next, Rumble’s relaxed sighs got extended a little. He could feel the coils rubbing against him since the wrapping process kept going.

Rumble’s sleepiness was getting stronger, he was finding it much harder to keep his eyes open and they were already closed over half way. Once the coils were underneath his shoulders,  his tail moved away from Rumbles allowing the coils to keep moving against him. Because of that, the surrounding coils were thickening which had them climb up to his neck.

Rumble couldn’t hold it anymore, his eyes finally closed shut the moment after his neck was finally wrapped. Two seconds later, out of nowhere, he feels a sudden tight pressure against his neck which forces his eyes back open.

“Ugh!” His eyes stayed wide open now, showing no sign of the lids closing.

Rumble just stood there, wrapped up from his ankles to his neck within the coils of Mesme Rize. He is now fully under his hypnosis, smiling away without a care in the world. All of his senses were entirely focused on him, forgetting literally everything else like they never existed.

Mesme Rize turned off his hypnosis the second he saw that smile, Rumble’s only scenic view in his vision would be those rings moving outward from behind the face of his friend and master smiling at him. He then feels Mesme Rize slowly put him in a sitting up position.

“There we are, all wrapped up nice and tight.” Mesme Rize tells Rumble, “Ssssssorry about the ssssudden ssssqueeze, it’ssssss too early for you to be ssssleeping yet. Let’ssss have sssssome fun firsssssst.”

Mesme Rize just smiled as he gazed at his catch, he then remembers something.

“So tell me sssssomething Darky.” Mesme Rize says to him, “The way you reacted asssss I wasssss wrapping my coilsssss around you. Do you actually like it, assssss in thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss much?” The extended of the “s” letter in the word “this” was deliberate.

Rumble didn’t say anything, mainly because he couldn’t, the hypnosis got to him that much. However, he managed to open his mouth and make an extended sigh of bliss to answer the question from his master.

“I thought sssssssso.” Mesme Rize said. “Do you like it when I sssssssqueeze you?” The second Mesme Rize finished that sentence, he already began tightening his coils around him. “Uuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” That noise came out of Rumble in reaction as he also blushed from it, he loved every nanosecond of it for it felt so good, really good. Mesme Rize couldn’t help but giggle at that reaction,

“Oh my, you love thisssssss don’t you? You love being ssssssqueezed within my coilsssssss.” And with that he began squeezing him even tighter.

“Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rumble sighed louder then before. He then feels himself getting lifted up during the squeezing process. “Let’ssssss get a better view of you sssssshall we?" Mesme Rize rhetorically asked him, “I want to sssssssee you look asssssss helplesssssss as you are irressssssissssssstibly cute.” He began squeezing much tighter now.

“ERRRRRRRRRRGH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rumble’s moans got really loud and this is as tight Mesme Rizecan squeeze him without hurting him. He would never allow something like that to ever happen to him, he was extremely valuable to him. Like he said before, Rumble was irresistibly cute to him.

Rumble may be fully hypnotized but during the squeezing process from the beginning, his bare feet were moving around since they were the only other part of his body sticking out of Mesme Rizes coils. His toes would also curl and wiggle around in reaction. He couldn’t help it, he was in pure bliss from the hypnosis and the smooth coils wrapped around and then squeezing his bare body.


Because Mesme Rize lifted him in the air as he kept squeezing him, he caught sight of his feet moving around like that.

Mesme Rize stops squeezing Rumble, holding him gently but still tight. “I had a lot of fun ssssqueezing you like that, the noissssessss you made were so adorable.” He says to him, “I think it’ssss time we did ssssomething different. Are your bare feet by any chancccce...ticklissssh?” Rumble attempted trying to answer the best he could but Mesme Rize spoke again. “You don’t need to ansssswer thissss time, becausssse I’ll find out for mysssself.”

Mesme Rize moves his head over towards Rumble’s feet and once he did, he flickers his forked tongue against his soles for a few seconds.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Rumble laughed pretty hard in reaction and Mesme Rize was only testing.

“Oh my, you’re that ticklissssh?” Mesme Rize says, “I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He flickers his forked tongue against Rumble’s feet once again only this time he’s going much faster.

*He’s so cute when he laughs.*Mesme Rize thought to himself, his laughter was music to his hearing. He begins tickling only one foot with his tongue and begin tail to swish and dig against the other foot.

“GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!” Rumblewas laughing much harder and Mesme Rize was showing no mercy, *So adorable.* Mesme Rize thinks to himself, *His feet feel so soft despite not wearing anything in his life except for his loincloth.*

Rumble just laughed and laughed, tears were now streaming from his eyes, his thoughts were mostly focused on the really ticklish feeling on the soles of his bare feet while the rest was focused on the coils wrapping around him and the pretty rainbow rings in his vision. The tickling on his soles went on for a while, after that, Rumble then feels the tail and tongue moving up to a higher area of his feet, he now feels the tail digging underneath his toes in one foot and the tongue in between the toes on his other foot.

 “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” After tickling his toes for a while, Mesme Rize started moving his tail and tongue around in random directions on his feet, enjoying every last bit of it.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” Rumbleis just extremely ticklish. And his thoughts during those moments while still fully hypnotized? He loved it, he was really in pure bliss. While still keeping his thoughts on the coils and the hypnotic rings, he focused on every nanosecond of the tickling sensation on every area of his soles and toes on his bare feet.

Mesme Rize finally stops, Rumble was panting hard with exhaustion and it made him extremely tired.

“Oh my, it sssseems like nighttime hassss arrived already.” He tells Rumble, “Guessss time really doessss fly when your having fun. You look really tired, it’ssss time for you to ssssleep now.”
Mesme Rize adjusts his body that isn't touching Rumble before laying himself right against the tree, He then gently lays Rumble down having his head lay against his upper body like a pillow, he then lays his head on top of Rumble.

begins to feel the coils around him massaging his body, making him feel even more sleepy. He then hear his friend and master speak to him soothingly, “Yesssss, you feel sssso tired now, you musssst sssssleep. I promissssse you, we’ll have ssssome more fun in the morning. But for now, sssssssleeeeep.”

Rumbles’s eyelids were slowly beginning to close, unable to resist the desire to sleep from the coils massaging him while in a comfortable position and Mesme Rize’s soothing voice.
“Sssssssleeeeeep. Ssssssssssleeeeeeeeeeep. Ssssssssssssssssssssssleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.”

And with that, Rumble’s eyes have closed completely and a few seconds later, he has fallen asleep. Mesme Rize couldn’t help but keep admiring his catch. *He’s so cute when he’s sleeping.*He thought to himself. *I am so keeping him for a awhile. He’ll remember everything that’s happened to him while he was under my spell once he wakes up so I may have to convince him to trust me. After all, I was just playing around with him. Well, I’ll worry about that in the morning.*

And with that, Mesme Rize went to sleep himself, resting his head right next to Rumble's where the two of them will sleep together undisturbed.

Edited by Mesme Rize

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