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She's All Yak  

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    • Yona casts dance ... RIP School (Hated it)
    • An unfortunate yaksident (Not a fan)
    • Hm. Too Twilight. (meh it was okay)
    • So many blushies! (Liked it)
    • Kazumi + Cyoot Yona. FABULOSITY ADORABABLIZED! (Loved it!)

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This was a pretty good episode focused on Best Pony and Best Student, they got a song as well. I'm very glad about this. Looks like Yona/Sandbar is a potential ship now. I never considered them like that but I'm cool with it. High school settings typically have at least 1 love subplot. The song had some humorous parts, especially the Twilight wig. Season 5 episode 14 shows that demand for Rarity's dresses will increase if ponies see Princess Twilight Sparkle wearing them, so it wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to imitate her mane style as well. That pretty much foreshadows the resolution of this plot as well. Rarity wanted ponies to appreciate her work but Canterlot ponies have a bad habit of jumping on the bandwagon. In essence, it's a similar problem here. Sandbar appreciated Yona's yak qualities and didn't want her to become a pony.

It's cool how Yona is willing to learn new things though. Even though it didn't pay off at the Amity Ball, her repertoire has expanded and that cannot be a waste of time. I have to respect her persistence. She sucked at dancing and talking fancy on her first try but she didn't quit and through her effort, she succeeded. I mean, I don't actually care about dancing, I prefer fighting, but I think it's analogous to learning to drive a car in real life. The first attempt is really frustrating and has a crazy learning curve. However, it does get easier, except you can't quit. If you quit something, you probably didn't want it badly enough.

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I talk about how this recent epsiode opened/knocked down the door for other interspecices relationships/ships to finally happen, especially if your a RarityxSpike fan/supporter, and here I explain why. Comments are Welcomed #MLPSEASON9 #SandbarxYona #SpikexRarity #4KUHD #4K #UHD #Romance #relationships



This episode to me, opened the door (more so than ever) for interspecies relationships to the show. I mean one of the messages (among the two given) was that it shouldn't matter what species (race), ethic, or cultural background you come from, that if you truly care (Love) someone, or in this case , somepony/someyak, for who they really are, then that's all that should matter.

And the symbolism of the shooting star in the background, kind of, if not teases the fact that something "MORE" will happen between these two later on.

This also opens the door for other interspecies relationships to happen, like let's say, Spike and Rarity, which by now (IMO) has been all, but officially confirmed.  Don't believe me, check out "Best Gift Ever" and when Spike sings to Rarity, she gets stars/sparks in her eyes (better ex./compassion, the "Lady and The Tramp spaghetti scene)

So yeah this episode imho opened, if not KNOCKED the door down for this to happen.

Your Thoughts?



Courtesy of user Rushing Cash bringing the Best Gift Ever Hearths Warming special to my attention, amazing episode BTW, I really enjoyed the emotionally touching scene with Spike and Rarity. I've always been a Rarity/Spike fan and I guess it's cool that another pony/non-pony ship is emerging.

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Was glad to see more unique, expressive, and funny facial expressions make a return in this episode. I feel like those have been kinda absent this season.

As far as actual content, I didn't think I was gonna like this episode, since I tend not to enjoy the whole 'stereotypical teen/pre-teen dance/romance' shtick, but it was cute. Deadmau5 Spike gave me a giggle.

Also can we talk about how adorable this face is?


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I, for one, do not have a problem with some of the underlying messages that the song may be pushing. There's nothing wrong with an outsider learning more about the culture of the host country. If the student six don't want to learn about pony ways then there would be no point in them even attending that school. The dance is a pony tradition so I don't feel that changing the name suited it well because it doesn't belong to the student six or their respective groups. I think this is where the episode pushes some unfortunate messages (i.e., the host culture should be neutralized for the benefit of multiculturalism). 

I also wish that the issue with Yona was a bit less predictable (i.e., Yona ruined the party through her own accidents). 

It's a decent episode, I suppose. 

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