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Bronies for Good Charity Auction:Bronies for Good invites you to...

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Bronies for Good Charity Auction:

Bronies for Good invites you to become one of them – or to welcome you back if you are a reliable supporter already: GalaCon is accepting in kind donations for the charity auction!

GalaCon (July 30–31, 2016) will again dedicate its charity auction to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser of Bronies for Good – it will be the fifth successive year the convention has supported us. A silent auction and a super speedy Saturday sale will allow potential buyers to bid on their coveted items throughout most of the convention, and the live auction on Sunday will determine who gets the most valuable ones.

Donation Form

To donate in kind to the auction, please fill in this form for every item, even if you plan on bringing it to the convention rather than mailing it. Having more time to plan the auction helps us handle the items more efficiently and sell more of them. Plus you will know whether your donation meets the requirements before you carry it to the convention. If you have any questions, please email GalaCon at donations@galacon.eu.

A bit more about the event:

The weekend of July 30–31, 2016, will mark the fifth anniversary of the GalaCon convention and the fourth consecutive year for it to take place in the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany. On two levels, GalaCon provides space for over 1,200 attendees, vendors, and panels with guests such as Amy Keating Rogers, Rebecca Shoichet, and Anneli Heed, as well as charity programming for Bronies for Good–recommended charities: a silent auction, the super speedy Saturday sale, and the grand live auction on Sunday. Tickets are available on the website.

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