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When I'm on mobile, the list with emoticons accessible from the toolbar freezes the tab in the browser.

The first time it will open and function properly, but whenever I open it for the second time, it freezes the tab, sometimes partially, sometimes completely.

By partially I mean, that I can somewhat scroll the page, but absolutely nothing works, tapping has no effect~links and everything refuse to work. Sometimes it just freezes completely and ignores any input.

At that point the only solution is to close the tab and open a new one. Refreshing won't work.

As a result, I can only put one emoticon in a post. Attempting to put a second one (without refreshing the page) always glitches the page. Typing them manually does work though.




Absolutely nothing can be done. In this case even scrolling was impossible.

The blue at the bottom is the site's background after the keyboard that used to be there. As you can see, the page didn't react to closing the keyboard.

Chrome version (MOBILE):



Does anyone else experience this?


WtvmtpT.jpg 10.05.2019

Not sure if anything was done recently, but the issue seems to be gone.

It kept doing this yesterday, but it seems to be all okay today.

Disregard this then please, closing as solved. :P

WtvmtpT.jpg 13.05.2019

It kept happening again and stopped after I changed my localization (left work)... This is confusing. :huh:

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I guess I'll be doing a small research here...

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