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Ask Moonbow Dash Anything

Dethl Void

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Moonbow: *flies in and lands then with a similar Rainbow Dash voice but with a soft friendly tone*

Hello and greetings everypony. ^^ 

My name is Moonbow Dash. I come from thee mirror portal or mirror world. :)

Originally, I was from here in Cloudsdale. Still, um...please to meet everypony. ^^ *as she rubs her head nervously* 

If thou see Rainbow Dash? Please tell her I wanna see her. I...can't find her. :(


Anywho, let's us start with thy questiIMG_20190308_223232.jpgons. ^^

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Moonbow: *looks at the nightsky and admires it along with the moon glowing then back at Quinch*

I admire your pony's appearance of this world. ^^

It's not so boring unlike where I came from and plenty more stuff to do. Especially this cool looking empire I visited too. Such a beautiful sight to see. :O

I haven't became well suited to your ponies standards just yet.....but I will do my best to do so. ^_^

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Moonbow: *shows Quinch a picture of her and what looks to be Rainbow Dash as a filly from behind the bandanna she wears around the neck and puts away safely*

I am here for Rainbow Dash.


When I first saw her? I felt something trigger within me. In my heart. 


I sensed that I believe that I am like a.....sister too her. This is what made me come here.

...Originally, I was from here. 

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