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Happy Mothers Day to all you Wonderful Mother's out there.


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A mother is Kind thoughtful and caring.
Yes true they struggle through childbirth and rearing.
Keeping the family together.
for some they manage to get through,
Other mother's struggles,
Sometimes losing hold of the glue.
Some mothers live their whole lives,
With the fathers of their child.
Yet Some sadly split apart.
Trying to mend a shattered heart.
No matter what life brings happiness or despair,
They will always hold a special place,
So priceless and so dear.
For the child they brought in this world,
Nothing will compare.
To the compassion of a mothers love,
From the bond of blood they both share.
Devotion and dedication,
Many mothers go through,
Raising a child on their own.
True their patients and stress,
Is put to the test.
Yet no matter what hell they go through.
Their heart and soul,
Is always devoted,
To loving and taking care of you.
Mothers day is more than a holiday
To celebrate the one responsible for our life.
It's a special way,
To say Thank You.
For all the years.
You devoted into being in my life. 
( Happy Mother's Day Everyone )
Poetic Author : Laurie Ann Garland
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What a sweet poem. :twi: I'm not a mother...yet, at least. Haha. :laugh: But I wish a very wonderful Mother's Day to you and all other moms out there. 💜



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