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News PSA - SSA Phone Scam Making the Rounds

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For all of you US citizens, there's another "oh so wonderful" scam going around that can get you if you're not careful. The scammers claim they're from the Social Security Administration and your "social security number is suspended." Hint: that's not a thing.

More info:

Similar to those IRS scams that float around every year. Pretty sure, much like the IRS, the SSA will contact you via certified mail and not by phone.

Be careful if you get any calls claiming to be the SSA. I've gotten five of the goddamn things today but I blocked the number.

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As soon as I hear a voice recording, I usually hang up and block the number immediately 

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Good to know. Thank you for the heads up! I'll be extra careful. 

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This probably goes without saying, but if you hear "Your social security number has been suspended," hang up. Social security numbers cannot be suspended.

Did you know scammers sometimes attach card readers and hidden cameras to atm machines, card slots in gas pumps, above and to the side of pin pads, etc? They're called skimmers. Check before you put your card into a slot. Skimmers fit directly on the actual slot and read the card info on the pass. They can be hard to spot. Always look at the other machines in the area. If the one you intend to use looks different in comparison, don't use it. 

The good news is, since criminals don't often have a long amount of time to fit a skimmer properly, they tend to come off with a few firm tugs. So even if a reader passes the visual test, give it a few firm tugs for good measure. If the mouth comes off in your hand, tell the owner of the pump/atm/card reader immediately. Block your pin whenever you use it, and just be safe out there. I will attach a few example photos if anyone is interested.





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